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Recommended Pre & Post Care for Nail Treatments


Before your treatment:


• Remove nail polish

• Ensure nails are trimmed & cleaned thoroughly with a nail brush

• Do not apply topical or anti-fungal cream or powder for 2 days prior to treatment.

• Bring clean shoes and socks at the day for treatments


After your treatment:


• Normal activity can resume immediately.


• To help prevent re-infection:

  • Wear clean socks/shoes as soon as possible after treatment

  • Wash sheets, disinfect shower/bath and vacuum carpets on the day of treatment

  • If you have athlete’s foot on the bottom of your feet, apply an anti-fungal cream with one of the following active ingredients twice a day for 2-4 weeks: clotrimazole 1%, tolnaftate 1%, terbinafine 1%, or miconazole 2% to the skin on the bottom of your feet. If you have athlete’s foot in between your toes, apply an anti-fungal solution with any of the above active ingredients to the skin in between your toes. Do not apply cream in between your toes, as this may lead to breakdown of the skin from too much moisture.

  • Spray the inside of your shoes with an anti-fungal spray such as Tinactin recommended.

  • Do not walk barefoot in public places (pool, gym, etc.)

  • Keep nails trimmed and cleaned (disinfect instruments after each use)

  • Nail polish may be applied 24 hours after treatment. However, throw away old nail polish as this may be infected.

  • Toenail healing may take 9-12 months. Severely infected nails may take longer.

  • Repeated treatments are recommend in 3 month for a better result.

  • Avoid nail salons that do not clean their instruments properly.

  • Notify the clinic of any concerns.



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